Siamese Cats are really intelligent and curious cats. They often can open doors. Beside their talkativeness they are also affectionate. They are called “the dogs under the cats”. They love to fetch thing and do that with a patience. Prefarably they lay together with minimum one other cat and with their owner/s. Dogs are also no Problem for Siamese. You can find big groups with Siamese and Orientals and with one or more dog. Everything which is family for their owner, is in the most time also family for the siamese. They have a really special character. Not everybody likes the siamese character. They are really activ and need contact with their owner. When they cuddle, they do it with the hole body. They lern really fast and are really tolerant. Siamese cats always in their history go for a walk with theit owners, the owners taken them with in the holidays, drove with them long jouneys and taught them commandos.

With a Siamese cat you don’t have to fear about being alone. Even going to the toilette is teamsports. In the morning you will be wake up by loud purring and cuddling-trys. If siamese cats don’t like something, they will tell you loud and clear. When they talk normal, they have a nice, not really high voice, unique! They know a lots of words! During the heat, you don’t have to laugh very much! WOW they are really loud! A bad crying baby is nothing against a siamese female in heat! Who is looking for a quiet, calm cat, which came to its owner sometimes, but not often, and where you can decide, when you want to cuddle, should not choose a siamese cat.


Siamese and Thaicats are no cats, you can hold alone. If you would have just a siamese, and no other cats, this one can get a real problem. Siamese and their relatives often feel good in groups with more then three other cats. Also if you have enough beds, pillows and so on, you will often find you siamese cats in the smallest bed cuddling you have. We don’t sale kittens in single-cat-households.