Clonlost Yo-Yo

The Interestgroup Thai and traditional Siamese was founded to fight for the preservate of the Siamese cat in old-style look. We want to let you know more details about this wonderful breed and want to work together for a healthy genepool.

During the showseason you can find single members or a group of member on different shows. We show best cats from our group and inform the visitors about the breed and our intererstgroup.

Orientated on old pictures of old prizewinning siamese, the official breedstandards (TICA and GCCF), div. books and stories out of bygone days, we breed the type of cats which in UK are better known as “Old Style Siamese” in seal point, blue point, chocolate Point, lilac point and their tabby variants.

Prestwick Perak

On our website you can find our members, the queens and studs of them, current litters and cats for rehoming. Also you can find current dates of shows, where you can meet us.

Beside that you can find a lot of informations, pictures of the different colours, a history part, breedstandars of the different organisations, FAQ’s about the Thai, a bit genetics, interest books and a lot more.
Thank you for your interst in
IG Thai Trad Siam and the old-style Siamese.